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Why ValuePak?

ValuePak European Kitchens has several showrooms across the country and we are pleased to be able to provide visually stunning, sturdy European manufactured kitchens across New Zealand.

One of our local team has worked extensively with Architects, Draughtsmen, Property Developers, Builders, Landlords and Homeowners for more than 30 years in the Joinery industry. We have the experience and expertise to meet our customers with the confidence that is required to assist you in obtaining a multifunctional user-friendly kitchen solution with the most outstanding customer service.

More than 20 years ago flat pack kitchens were introduced into the NZ market. The cabinetry was quite basic and there were very few options available. Today there are many flat pack kitchen brands from which to choose from spanning many different budgets. One of the problems with imported flat pack kitchens, particularly from some Asian manufacturers is a significant variation in quality.

Strong, rigid kitchen componentry supplied by ValuePak European Kitchens is guaranteed to be of the same consistent high-quality standard no matter what range you choose your new kitchen.

Another problem buyers face when exploring options and availabilities for their next kitchen is that different brands have different options and this makes it difficult to truly compare prices across the brands.

At ValuePak European Kitchens we have taken away that headache away for you. We have done the comparisons and we show them to you. You no longer hours pouring over half a dozen different brochures, trying to figure out the best deal for you. ValuePak European Kitchens will show you that when you compare QUALITY FOR PRICE, we can’t be beaten.

Each of our three ranges, whether it is the SAVER, the  STANDARD or the SUPERIOR is suited to a specific price point in the kitchen market.

We want you to DREAM of a kitchen to suit your desire and your budget. Then we want you to EXPLORE all of the options for value and price by looking at our comparisons. You will most certainly then discover that we will supply you with the most aesthetically pleasing, functional and durable kitchen cabinetry that integrates the latest European technologies with a price tag that is currently the lowest in the New Zealand market.

When you purchase one of the kitchens we supply the money you will save on cabinetry will be more than the price of the one or two “free” kitchen appliances that other kitchen retailers advertise.

And of course the kitchens we supply come with an ironclad guarantee.

We look forward to packing the space that is the ‘Hub” of your home with value – and transforming the affordability of kitchen prices across New Zealand.