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Our Kitchen Cabinets

ValuePak Premier Range European Style Kitchen Cabinetry

Superior Style Cabinets

Choose from our wide range of different superior cabinets which come in a variety of different styles.

From $4440

Standard Style Cabinets

We have a large variety of different cabinets on offer, in our Standard Cabinet Selection.

Saver Style Cabinets

Cabinets in our Saver Range are perfect for any batch or rental.

From $599

Our Benchtop Selection

Laminate Benchtops

Our Laminate Benchtops are perfect for any kitchen.

Stainless Steel Benchtops

We have Stainless Steel benchtops certain to fit your needs.

Stone Benchtops

We have a Huge range of different Stone Benchtops take a look here.

Acrylic Resin Benchtops

Our selection of Acrylic Resin Benchtops  is stunning.

Our Accessory Selection


We have a wide selection of Taps that look great with any sink.

From $69


We Have the perfect sink for any home.  Our selection includes various steel, ceramic, or granite options.

From $90


Splash-Backs add the perfect finishing touch to any kitchen. We have various options with either colours, or designs to fit your design.

Cabinet Accessories

Our Cabinet Accessories are perfect for getting the most use out of your cabinet space, and make it easier for you to access every item.

Drawer Accessories

These Drawer Accessories fit perfectly in any drawer, and can add organization to clutter.


We offer an extensive variety of Handles which look stunning on our cabinets.