• Saver RangeSaver Range - Melamine With PVC Edges
  • PremiumPremium Range - Thermal Wrapped Foils
  • Standard RangeStandard Range - Thermal Wrapped Foils

"If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life" (Louis Parrish)

Saver Range Standard Range Premium Range


Welcome to ValuePak European Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of your home and the torch of love is lit in the kitchen. We are torching expensive kitchens that you need to order months in advance. We're offering you stunning sophisticated European manufactured kitchen cabinets that can mostly be delivered in less than a week!

Seven Great Reasons to choose ValuePak European Kitchens for your next kitchen

  1. Designed and Manufactured in Europe
  2. Quality components and hardware
  3. Soft Close Doors and Drawers
  4. Less than one week from order to delivery
  5. A Design, Assembly and Installation Option
  6. Bench top options are Laminate, Acrylic and Granite
  7. Great Value for Money (Cheapest in the Market)

You can take our word for it! Compare Quality, Innovative Technology and PRICE

Other manufacturers may offer A 'Free Appliance' with their kitchen cabinets. ValuePak kitchen prices are so low that you could buy the appliances of your choice and still spend less.

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